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1. The part of a garment around the neck and shoulders, often detachable or folded over.
2. Deity. Relating to Arabian people.
3. A creature with feathers and wings, usually able to fly. Heavy metal or similar rock music.
4. By mouth. Glue, stick.
5. A country, person, or group allied with another. Indefinite article, used before an initial consonant.
6. A consonant. Halt.
7. Trench. Tube, conduit.
8. A long scarf or shawl, worn by women. Very old.
9. Having an acid taste like lemon or vinegar. Covert.
10. A person who manages or looks after something or someone.

1. Panels.
2. A young unmarried woman. Short form of 'it is'.
3. A hard substance formed from the bones of very small sea animals. The past tense of take.
4. In a way that is different to what is usual or expected. Hint, indication.
5. The Roman numeral for 50. To this place.
6. A device that provides artificial light. Penny or pence.
7. A part of an object or surface. A tool used for digging, with a flat metal blade and a long handle.
8. Scoundrels. A large wild animal of the cat family with yellowish-orange fur with black lines that lives in parts of Asia.
9. A mainly nocturnal mammal capable of sustained flight, with membranous wings that extend between the fingers and limbs. To make something change to a position that is not closed.
10. Jumped.