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1. Used to add emphasis to what you are saying. To fling or be flung about.
2. Oxygen. An intense feeling of deep affection. More than is needed or wanted.
3. A road vehicle designed to carry many passengers. Poise. The fourteenth letter of the alphabet.
4. A person who writes poems. To leave out.
5. Used with the base form of a verb to indicate that the verb is in the infinitive. Of or at a fairly low temperature. Render.
6. Cause something to move slowly and carefully. A choice made by a particular person or group in a meeting or an election.
7. A consonant. The place where one lives permanently, especially as a member of a family or household. Either of the two organs, one on each side of the head, by which people or animals hear sounds.
8. A piece of string, cord, or similar used for fastening or tying something. A region or part of a town, a country, or the world. Oxygen.
9. Either of two offspring born at one birth. An Arabian person.
10. Pronoun. Exam. Pronoun used to refer to himself or herself.

1. Crowd. Move or cause to move into a sloping position. The chemical symbol for uranium.
2. East. More formal term for on. The possessive form of the pronoun it.
3. Additionally. Gnaw at something persistently.
4. A negative response. A reflected radio or radar beam. A pronoun.
5. Any ban or prohibition. Long thick human hair.
6. An infusion. Higher or more than a specified number or quantity. A consonant.
7. Oxygen. Unaccompanied. Consume.
8. A central part of something from which other parts can develop or grow, or which forms a support. A drop of the secretion of the lacrimal glands.
9. After that. An understanding, thought, or picture in your mind. Ante meridiem.
10. Into contact with. Wrap, mantle.