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1. Meanwhile.
2. And then. A way from one place to another. The chemical symbol for uranium.
3. In addition. The symbol for beryllium. Indicating movement from a lower to a higher position.
4. Lowest in amount. A large amount or number, such as a great body of people.
5. East or Eastern. Jump or spring a long way, to a great height, or with great force. A period during which a room or property is rented.
6. A pronoun. Put notices on or in. The symbol for roentgen.
7. Fog. To that place.
8. The symbol for arsenic. The symbol for indium. A space allocated for a specific use.
9. The fourteenth letter of the alphabet. Soldiers or armed forces. Amplitude modulation.
10. Above the level of the head.

1. A man whose job involves selling or promoting commercial products.
2. A natural dark spot or small dark lump on someone's skin. Belonging to him. The fifteenth letter of the alphabet.
3. East or Eastern. The number of items sold. Abbreviation for television.
4. Appeared, emerged. Feel or cause to feel in need of rest or sleep.
5. A negative response. A device by which a flow of liquid or gas from a pipe or container can be controlled. Neither.
6. Bathtub. Plant in a flowerpot. An exclamation expressive of surprise, pain, pleasure, etc.
7. Thing, article, object. The physical form or appearance of a particular person or thing.
8. The top-level Internet domain for Montenegro. To make or become different in some respect. One.
9. East or Eastern. Usage. To look at, interpret, and speak aloud something written or printed.
10. In the opposite direction from that in which a stream or river flows.