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1. To confine, enclose, or exclude. One of a pair of coverings for your feet, usually made of a strong material.
2. A vowel. A large notice or picture that you stick on a wall or board. A consonant.
3. A third person singular pronoun. OK. After that.
4. The possessive form of thou. Inside. Unhappy or sorry.
5. Royal Academy of Music. Move rhythmically to music, typically following a set sequence of steps.
6. A large vehicle that is used to transport goods by road. A black substance used for making roads.
7. Along with. In case that, or on condition that. An instrument for writing or drawing with ink.
8. He and I. Any wild plant that grows in an unwanted place. Auxiliary verb that is used to form questions.
9. North. Colored or shining like gold. North.
10. A thing used to tie something or to fasten things together. A brief letter, usually of an informal nature.

1. One of four groups into which a deck of cards is divided. An area of short, mown grass in a yard, garden, or park.
2. A consonant. A ceremonial chair for a sovereign, bishop, or similar figure. A consonant.
3. A preposition. A flat area of concrete or stone that is next to a building and often has a wall around it. To move or travel somewhere.
4. As well. A title of respect used before a man's name. Finished first.
5. A narrow strip of semi-rigid material worn underfoot to glide over snow. Produce.
6. Have or maintain an upright position, supported by one's feet. The past tense of feed.
7. Exclamation used to attract attention. Preposition used to show an exact or a particular time. Lair.
8. A coordinating conjunction. To break or cause to break suddenly. The chemical element nobelium.
9. The fifth letter of the English alphabet. Connected with God or dedicated to a religious purpose and so deserving veneration. Ton.
10. A conventionalized set of principles, rules, or expectations. Not any.