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1. To use your teeth to cut into something or someone. A bird with a flat face and large eyes that hunts small mammals at night.
2. Free from darkness. A fracture in rock containing a deposit of minerals.
3. The symbol for helium. Similarly. The symbol for nobelium.
4. To prepare text for publication by checking and improving its accuracy, clarity, etc. Sequence, arrangement.
5. The thirteenth letter of the alphabet. Something shaped like a hanging drop. Small insect that lives in highly organized colonies.
6. Frozen water. Any relief or refreshment, as from worry or something troublesome. The eighth letter of the English alphabet.
7. A punctuation mark indicating a pause between parts of a sentence. A recording on a cassette or reel.
8. Amplitude modulation. Take orders from. A grammatical conjunction.
9. Any enumeration of a set of items. Foreign.
10. Logical and consistent.

1. Relating to chemistry.
2. The past tense of bleed. Causing or meant to cause laughter.
3. Abbreviation for id est. Something that is part of a list or group of things. Very greatly.
4. Flavour, savour. An insect like a butterfly which usually flies about at night.
5. A system of chronology dating from a particular event. A person who come from the Middle East. Abbreviation for electronic .
6. Further. The organ of hearing and balance in humans and other vertebrates.
7. Extending above an area from a vantage point. A particular procedure by which something is done.
8. The first person plural pronoun. Information, especially facts or numbers, collected to be examined and considered and used to help decision-making. A preposition.
9. A kind of cloth that is made from a plant called flax. A person who creates poetry.
10. Situated in the north, or directed towards or facing the north.