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1. Failing to conform to standards of moral virtue or acceptable conduct. A dirty or untidy state of things or of a place.
2. The symbol for "watt". The official language of Poland. The twenty-first letter of the alphabet.
3. A projection of the pelvis and upper thigh bone on each side of the body. The act of approaching or entering.
4. Single. A drink made by adding hot water to tea leaves or tea bags. He and I.
5. The action of selling something. A person of the same age, status, or ability as another specified person.
6. Unclothed, exposed. A drop of a liquid on a surface.
7. The form of the indefinite article used before words beginning with a vowel sound. The first prime number. Marine.
8. A sweet liquid produced by flowers, which bees and other insects collect. Small hotel.
9. Kilo. To make known. Tesla.
10. Pneumatic tyre. Tint.

1. Which person?. An institution where people or businesses can keep their money.
2. A consonant. In a state of mind which prevents normal perception, behaviour, or social interaction. Tesla.
3. Come into sight. Shed tears, typically as an expression of distress, pain, or sorrow.
4. Realize. Any of the symbols of an alphabet.
5. Occurring or arriving after the correct or expected time. Move one's hand to and fro in greeting or as a signal.
6. Plural form of mouse. Make a hole in something with a tool or by digging.
7. Break free from confinement or control. Abbreviation for Anno Domini.
8. Any female person. Without difficulty or effort.
9. Used to form the plural of nouns. Land of the swedish. The fifth letter of the English alphabet.
10. Someone who uses a product, machine, or service. Small insect that lives in highly organized colonies.