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1. Panels.
2. A female child. Short form of 'it is'.
3. A substance like rock, formed in the sea by groups of particular types of small animal. Subtracted.
4. In a way that is different to what is usual or expected. Something that helps to solve a problem or unravel a mystery.
5. The twelfth letter of the alphabet. To this place.
6. A light that works by using electricity or by burning oil or gas. Phosphorus.
7. A particular part of a place, piece of land, or country. A tool used for digging, with a flat metal blade and a long handle.
8. Scoundrels. A large wild animal of the cat family with yellowish-orange fur with black lines that lives in parts of Asia.
9. A small animal like a mouse with wings that flies at night. Not closed.
10. Jumped.

1. A band put around the neck of an animal, used to restrain, control, or identify it.
2. The creator and ruler of the universe. Relating to Arabian people.
3. Fowl. A hard substance such as iron, steel, gold, or lead.
4. Spoken rather than written. Glue, stick.
5. A state formally cooperating with another for a military or other purpose. Indefinite article, used before an initial consonant.
6. A consonant. Finish doing something.
7. Trench. A tube used to convey water, gas, oil, or other fluid substances.
8. A long scarf or shawl, worn by women. Advanced in years.
9. Tart, acrid. Haunt.
10. A person who manages or looks after something or someone.