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1. A bog or marsh. The top part of the body.
2. The 20th letter of the English alphabet. A play for theatre, radio, or television. The symbol for helium.
3. To free, clear, relieve, or disencumber, as of something undesirable. Large amount. In music, it is the sixth note in the scale of C major.
4. An advertisement. Of course. Moving away and often down from.
5. The plural and the second person singular of the past tense of be. To give something to someone else in return for money.
6. A car. Street or highway.
7. Everything. Through. Pronoun used by a speaker to refer to himself or herself as the object of a verb or preposition.
8. Roentgen. At any time. A spherical green seed that is eaten as a vegetable.
9. Used instead of 'a'. To rub or be rubbed away gradually. The 20th letter of the English alphabet.
10. A small vessel for travelling over water, propelled by oars, sails, or an engine. Opposite to the south.

1. Dried stalks of grain, used especially as fodder. A person from Western Asia or North Africa who speaks Arabic as a first language.
2. The symbol for tungsten or wolfram. Desirable or perfect but not likely to become a reality. Abbreviation for number.
3. To say another thing. Regulation. In music, it is the sixth note in the scale of C major.
4. A title used before the family name or full name of a man who has no other title. But nevertheless. Veterinarian.
5. Containing little colour or pigment. Above or higher than something else, sometimes so that one thing covers the other.
6. A small flowerless plant that typically grow in dense green clumps or mats, often in damp or shady locations. An element which usually takes the form of a hard, dark-grey metal.
7. A head covering. A system of chronology dating from a particular event. To cause or produce.
8. The fifth letter of the English alphabet. Without other people. For every.
9. An exclamation expressing pleasure, pain, sympathy, etc. A hot glowing body of ignited gas that is generated by something on fire. The 20th letter of the English alphabet.
10. Lacking the power of hearing. The end of the life of a person or organism.