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1. A sheet, quantity, or thickness of material, typically one of several, covering a surface or body. Frost.
2. An unspecified amount or number of. A short piece of writing on a particular subject.
3. Of or near a coast. Pronoun used by a speaker to refer to himself or herself as the object of a verb or preposition.
4. Suitable for the circumstance or purpose. Living, not dead.
5. Roentgen. The oval object with a hard shell that is produced by female birds. Phone, ring.
6. Equivalent to the product of two and two. Through. Abbreviation for answer.
7. Arrogance, vanity. Used to refer to the person or people being spoken or written to.
8. Exist. Any netted fabric or structure.
9. Wear away. A very small distance, degree, or amount.
10. Bronze. Scope, reach.

1. A piece of cloth that you wear round your neck or head. Wager.
2. Curl. A musical play in which most of the words are sung.
3. A person unskilled in or having only a superficial knowledge of a subject or activity. In operation.
4. Certainly. To make something into small pieces or a powder by pressing between hard surfaces.
5. The fifth letter of the alphabet. Add to something, especially as an afterthought or with no real connection. Stag.
6. Existing in fact and not imaginary. An animal that you keep in your home to give you company and pleasure. Abbreviation for answer.
7. A thin, broad piece of food, such as bread, meat, or cake, cut from a larger portion. A chemical element with the symbol Sn.
8. The Internet top-level domain for Iceland. Diverse, differing.
9. Animal with hump. One single time.
10. Each of a pair of globular organs of sight. Chuckle, giggle.