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1. Used to refer to a woman. A round, deep dish or basin used for food or liquid.
2. Confidence. An act or action.
3. In case that. A piece of thick, stiff paper or thin pasteboard, in particular one used for writing or printing on. Realize.
4. Ocean. Exist. The female reproductive cell in animals and plants.
5. The 20th letter of the English alphabet. The action of killing oneself intentionally.
6. A list or catalogue. Coulomb.
7. An infusion. The symbol for astatine. A long and distinct period of history.
8. Amplitude modulation. Remain in the same place. Short for Islamic State.
9. Ended, past. To the smallest extent or degree.
10. A particular quality or tone that reflects or expresses a mood or attitude. To direct or put a question.

1. Clenched hand. A small piece of material hanging from or loosely attached to a part or piece.
2. Protected from or not exposed to danger or risk. A bright yellow fruit with very sour juice.
3. Friendly greeting. The largest of the world's continents. The chemical element nobelium.
4. Used at the end of a list to indicate that further, similar items are included. United States. Put, lay, or stand something in a specified place or position.
5. The natural home or environment of an animal, plant, or other organism. The fifth letter of the alphabet.
6. The symbol for boron. A performance of a programme of music by a soloist or small group.
7. Peculiar. The symbol for indium. Yes.
8. They and I. The side of a blade that cuts. The symbol for arsenic.
9. Shelf. A situation involving exposure to danger.
10. Canine pet. The actors in a film, play, or show.