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1. Main, principal. As well.
2. Single or isolated. Robber.
3. A familiar or diminutive word for aunt. The past tense of sit.
4. Abbreviation for New Testament. Cows and bulls.
5. Other, different. He and I. The symbol for nitrogen.
6. A human blood type. Latin for "that is" or "in other words". A small body of still water formed naturally or by artificial means.
7. A large area of land in the country which is owned by a person, family, or organization. Notice, commercial.
8. An adverb. In a state of mind which prevents normal perception, behaviour, or social interaction.
9. Wash, cleanse. One time.
10. A device on a vehicle that is used to make a loud noise as a warning or signal to other people. Come or go into a place.

1. Plan of action. Seat, pew.
2. The choice of roads taken to get to a place. A piece of music or a dance performed by one person.
3. Small hotel. Rubbish.
4. The past tense of meet. The expanse of salt water that covers most of the earth's surface and surrounds its land masses. The indefinite article used before an initial vowel sound.
5. Vowel. Water in the solid state. A soft, malleable, ductile and highly crystalline silvery-white metal.
6. A drink made by adding hot water to tea leaves or tea bags. A long thin object used for writing or drawing with ink. Vowel.
7. Exclamation used to show a sudden feeling, such as one of surprise, pleasure, or understanding. The only even prime number. A male offspring.
8. To make a conscious effort to hear. Pismire.
9. Apply a non-porous coating to a surface to make it impervious. Move rhythmically to music, typically following a set sequence of steps.
10. Repeatedly. Stag.