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1. Strong, healthy, and full of energy.
2. Symbol for second. The undersurface of a person's foot. Travel over snow on skis.
3. Used to introduce a further negative statement. An informal word for father. The symbol for indium.
4. An Arabian horse. The past tense of creep.
5. To remove the skin of fruit and vegetables. The sum of the first three prime numbers. The fifth letter of the English alphabet.
6. The symbol for phosphorus. A rule defining correct procedure or behaviour in a sport. Best or most important.
7. Relating to Ireland. Something regarded as an indication of what is happening or going to happen.
8. Not one. The part of a plant that is above ground. An infusion.
9. Divinity. Any substance or device used to close or fasten tightly. The Roman numeral for 50.
10. With or in proximity to another person or people.

1. The action of breaking suddenly and completely, typically with a sharp cracking sound.
2. The symbol for vanadium. Mineral. Rhizome.
3. Relating to the modern country of Israel. Act.
4. Move, travel. Explosion. Gram(s).
5. No longer young. Belonging to or associated with which person.
6. Respond in a particular way. An animal that you keep in your home to give you company and pleasure.
7. The fifteenth letter of the alphabet. Put on one's clothes. Exclamation used to express a range of emotions including surprise, pleasure, sympathy, and realization.
8. Objetive form of we. To give someone the right to do or have something.
9. Hop. Length of life. A consonant.
10. Of or situated on the inside.