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1. Any of the tubular vessels that convey oxygen-depleted blood to the heart. A mound or ridge of drifted sand, occurring on the sea coast and in deserts.
2. The sense of curiosity about or concern with something or someone. Abbreviation for width.
3. Abbreviation for Anno Domini. An alcoholic drink made from fermented grape juice. An exclamation expressive of surprise, pain, pleasure, etc.
4. The unit of reproduction of a flowering plant, capable of developing into another such plant. Unusual.
5. The symbol for boron. Sketched. A tract of open ground.
6. A torn piece of old cloth. Scoundrels. Ton.
7. Of a specified age. Doorway.
8. Extremely, very much. An understanding, thought, or picture in your mind. United States.
9. Symbol for second. Severe suffering or privation.
10. Trust. Very small.

1. By means of. A bright yellow metal made from copper and zinc.
2. Finishes. Back in time from the present. The eighteenth letter of the alphabet.
3. An abbreviation for information technology. Border. The symbol for helium.
4. More recent. A face of a clock or watch that is marked to show units of time.
5. Someone who rides a horse. Free from moisture or liquid.
6. The home of particular types of wild animal. Forded.
7. A person who uses or operates something. Sliced bread made warm and crisp.
8. Abbreviation for New Testament. Moreover. Exclamation used as an informal greeting, usually to people who you know.
9. The fifth letter of the alphabet. Rock or soil from which metal can be obtained. Wreck.
10. A plant whose yellowish-brown grain is used for making flour. A person whose job is to find out secret information about another country or organization.