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1. A piece of music or a dance performed by one person. A jacket and trousers or a jacket and skirt that are made from the same material.
2. Indefinite article, used before an initial consonant. Any device that holds something else secure. Vowel.
3. Father. Hello. An alcoholic drink obtained by distillation and rectification of the grain of malted barley, rye, or maize, flavoured with juniper berries.
4. An object with flat circular ends and long straight sides.
5. An agent noun suffix. In the direction of something or someone. Expressing the relationship between a part and a whole.
6. Signify. A narrow road in the countryside or in a town.
7. The symbol for iodine. Remember. An.
8. Label. The form of 'a' used before an initial vowel sound. A long pole with a wide, flat part at one end, used for rowing a boat.
9. Protecting.
10. A person who writes or performs poetry. To experience something physical or emotional.

1. Unhappy. Not to include. The sixteenth letter of the alphabet.
2. The symbol for oxygen. A unit of land area equal to 4,840 square yards. Before the present.
3. A polite or formal way of referring to a woman. To quarrel.
4. In use. A long, narrow mark or band. Preposition.
5. The part of the face below the lower lip. A motor vehicle with room for a small number of passengers.
6. Insinuate. A conjunction.
7. Very greatly. A small model of a human figure, typically one of a baby or girl, used as a child's toy. On the condition or supposition that.
8. Try earnestly or persistently to persuade someone to do something. Having no one else present.
9. The Roman numeral for one. A tool for making clothes flat and smooth. The length of time that a person has lived or a thing has existed.
10. A unit of weight equal to 1,000 kilograms. An unpleasant emotion caused by the threat of danger, pain, or harm. A consonant.