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1. A pronoun. Dried leaves which people smoke in pipes, cigars, and cigarettes.
2. A male descendant. Not at all. A long pole with a wide, flat part at one end, used for rowing a boat.
3. Mother. A long and often involved story or account, usually telling of incredible or fantastic events.
4. Differ in size, amount, degree, or nature from something else of the same general class. The past tense of sink.
5. In the direction of. A unit of liquid or dry capacity equal to eight pints or 4.55 litres.
6. To take something from someone illegally, as by force or threat of violence. The lowest cardinal number. In the direction of.
7. Used in mathematics to mean a number whose value is not known or not stated. The first person singular of the present tense of be. Still. Wolfram.
8. An important topic or problem for debate or discussion. An establishment licensed to sell alcoholic drinks, which traditionally include beer and cider.
9. A long board which is balanced on a fixed part in the middle. A compact growth on a plant that develops into a leaf, flower, or shoot.
10. The symbol for helium. Evergreen plant. Then.

1. Information systems. An oily liquid which is painted onto wood or other material to give it a hard, clear, shiny surface.
2. A glossy red, or occasionally yellow, pulpy edible fruit that is eaten as a vegetable or in salad. To perceive with the eyes.
3. Used before the second or last of a set of negative possibilities, usually after "neither". Foundation.
4. Temperature. Of or belonging to me. Be obliged to.
5. Physically in contact with and supported by a surface. To move or travel somewhere. Organ of hearing.
6. A male child or youth. Used to refer to one or some of a thing or number of things, no matter how much or how many. Us.
7. One. Sleeping or not awake. In music, it is the third note in the scale of C major.
8. A hard substance formed from the bones of very small sea animals. A deep container of any size.
9. The negative form of can. A large motor vehicle carrying passengers by road, typically one serving the public on a fixed route and for a fare.
10. A coordinating conjunction. Be aware of through observation, inquiry, or information. Perform an action.