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1. Foolishly optimistic. Having a great deal to do.
2. A tool used for chopping wood. A usual practice or habitual way of behaving.
3. A particular way of doing something. A distinct period of history.
4. Working. An agent noun suffix. A four-wheeled carriage for a baby, pushed by a person on foot.
5. The chemical symbol for uranium. The time in the evening when the sun disappears or daylight fades. A consonant.
6. A symbol with five or more points. The symbol for helium. Pronoun used to refer to himself or herself.
7. Friendly greeting. Reddish-brown metal that is used to make things such as coins and electrical wires.
8. A man or boy. Preposition to indicate the place or event where something happens or is situated.
9. The first person singular of the present tense of be. Pronoun used to refer to an object or animal. An Arabian horse.
10. Be inclined. The joint connecting the foot with the leg.

1. Famed. Having a lot of flesh on the body.
2. Plural form of ox. The subject of a talk, piece of writing, exhibition, etc.
3. A textile in which the warp and weft yarns are looped or knotted at their intersections. Large piece of material attached to the mast of a ship. North.
4. A consonant. A period of sixty minutes. A removable or hinged cover for the top of a container.
5. The grain of a cereal crop. A plain narrow bed.
6. A swelling on a plant stem consisting of overlapping immature leaves or petals. To instruct by demonstration. One.
7. An abbreviation for the United States. Look quickly and furtively at something, especially through a narrow opening. The indefinite article used before an initial vowel sound.
8. Begin. A large public garden or area of land used for recreation.
9. A type of exercise in which you move your body into various positions in order to become more fit or flexible, to improve your breathing, and to relax your mind. A hard substance such as iron, steel, gold, or lead.
10. A person, animal, or plant belonging to a particular group. To exist or live.