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1. The 12 pairs of curved bones that surround your chest. The fourth planet from the sun.
2. The nineteenth letter of the English alphabet. Steeples. Phosphorus.
3. Conjunction. Multiple infusions of a particular type. Exclamation used as an informal greeting, usually to people who you know.
4. A sweet liquid produced by flowers, which bees and other insects collect. A small bed with high barred sides for a baby or very young child.
5. Someone who has very little money and few possessions. A person from Poland.
6. A line of stitches which joins two pieces of cloth together. Verbal.
7. A small rug. Mariner, seaman.
8. Preposition used to show an exact position or particular place. Having an effect on or involving a large number of people or forming a large amount. The first person plural pronoun.
9. The symbol for roentgen. The action or process of moving or being moved. Day(s).
10. Third person plural pronoun. The small, soft, white pieces of ice that sometimes fall from the sky when it is cold.

1. A male offspring. Clean, tidy, and well dressed.
2. The eighteenth letter of the alphabet. Say again something one has already said. The eighth letter of the English alphabet.
3. A third person singular pronoun. A layer that covers or conceals a surface. The object form of the pronoun I.
4. The lowest point or part of something. Mother.
5. To promise solemnly on oath. Written abbreviation for Saturday .
6. The organ of hearing and balance in humans and other vertebrates. A fertile spot in a desert, where water is found.
7. Used before the name of a married woman. A building where criminals are forced to live as a punishment.
8. An ancient Roman copper coin. A combustible black or dark brown rock. The chemical element nobelium.
9. The eighteenth letter of the English alphabet. A hole inside a tree. Wolfram.
10. A desire to hurt, annoy, or offend someone. A primary color in the RGB color model.