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1. Daddy. Make or cause to make a rapid succession of short, sharp knocking sounds.
2. Water that has frozen and become solid. Used to confirm or support a point or idea just mentioned.
3. Causing fear. A tube used to convey water, gas, oil, or other fluid substances.
4. The offspring of a donkey and a horse, typically sterile and used as a beast of burden. A long thin object used for writing or drawing with ink.
5. Conjunction used to indicate that something happens during the time when something else is taking. A natural or synthetic substance used to add a colour to or change the colour of something. A tool for cutting wood, which has a blade with sharp teeth along one edge.
6. Used to give an affirmative response. Have a meal. Very greatly.
7. Take action. As well.
8. 1⁄24th of a calendar day. Arrogant, superb.
9. Money received, especially on a regular basis, for work or through investments. A naturally occurring solid material from which a metal or valuable mineral can be extracted profitably.
10. More intense. Male humans.

1. Concern and distress caused by something unexpected. The past tense of hide.
2. Charge someone with an offence or crime. Half of two.
3. Distribute cards. A liquid or semi-liquid substance served with food to add moistness and flavour.
4. The colour at the end of the visible spectrum of light, next to orange and opposite violet. A cultivated plant that is grown on a large scale commercially, especially a cereal, fruit, or vegetable.
5. Beam. Even. Pronoun used to refer to himself or herself.
6. The form of 'a' used before an initial vowel sound. A spherical green seed that is eaten as a vegetable. A preposition.
7. A category of people or things having common characteristics. A black substance, sticky when hot, used especially for making roads.
8. Two children or animals born at the same birth. An apparatus for making fabric by weaving yarn or thread.
9. A complete trip around a race track that is repeated several times during a competition. To make an event certain.
10. Each of a pair of globular organs of sight. Like or characteristic of wood.