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1. Saliva. Bring down one's foot heavily on the ground or on something on the ground.
2. A soft, malleable, ductile and highly crystalline silvery-white metal. Preposition used before a verb to show that it is in the infinitive. Used before the second or last of a set of negative possibilities, usually after "neither".
3. The area of variation between upper and lower limits on a particular scale. The outer part of a wheel.
4. Form of 'a'. Achieved without great effort. In the direction of.
5. The middle of the day. A round fruit with smooth green, yellow, or red skin and firm white flesh.
6. The seventh letter of the alphabet. Be unlike or dissimilar. Used in mathematics to mean a number whose value is not known or not stated.
7. Suffer something painful or difficult patiently. Different to what is usual or expected.
8. Different, instead. Expected at or planned for at a certain time.
9. Grass that has been mown and dried for use as fodder. The country inhabited by the swedish.
10. Refers to a nonhuman. At the time in question. To cause or produce.

1. Unusual or surprising. Friendly greeting.
2. A large keyboard musical instrument. Tidy and smart, and has everything in the correct place.
3. A pub where you can stay for the night, usually in the countryside. In a strange or surprising way.
4. Temperature. Exceptional intellectual or creative power or other natural ability. The twentieth letter of the alphabet.
5. A hot drink made by infusing the dried crushed leaves of the tea plant in boiling water. Not tinned, frozen, or otherwise preserved.
6. Then. Protected from or not exposed to danger or risk. You and me.
7. Tesla. A category of people or things having common characteristics. The home of certain types of wild animals.
8. Used to refer to one or some of a thing or number of things, no matter how much or how many. Arrogant or haughty.
9. Holding or manifesting high principles for proper conduct. An action that is performed intentionally or consciously.
10. Behave so as to make it appear that something is the case when in fact it is not. Abbreviation for number.