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1. In or towards a low or lower position, from a higher one. Exploit or draw a supply from a resource.
2. An upholstered seat with back and arms for two or more people. Make a hole in something with a tool or by digging.
3. Amplitude modulation. Veritable. An abbreviation for information technology.
4. A heap of things laid or lying one on top of another. Move or cause to move in a specified direction.
5. A long, thin, flat piece of timber, used especially in building and flooring. Staunch.
6. A property available for rent. A short informal letter or written message. The fifth letter of the alphabet.
7. Chemical symbol for yttrium. Equally balanced. Epoch, age.
8. Relating to the mouth. To move something to a position that is not closed.
9. Hello. Move a spoon or other implement round in a liquid or other substance in order to mix it thoroughly. The symbol for astatine.
10. In addition, besides. To be in want of.

1. Make a formal application or request. The symbol for helium.
2. To make a happy or friendly expression in which the corners of your mouth curve up. Lubricate.
3. Act. Afterwards, subsequently. Symbol for second.
4. Many times. A container for holding flowers or for decoration.
5. A state of armed conflict between states. The past tense of kneel.
6. Used more generally to represent a number that is not known or exact. At or to a higher level of intensity, volume, or activity. Preposition. Into something.
7. An animal, especially a large or dangerous four-footed one. A naturally occurring solid material from which a metal or valuable mineral can be extracted profitably.
8. A preposition. Having or being a slope or gradient approaching the perpendicular. The fifth letter of the English alphabet.
9. To get out of bed. To look at words or symbols and understand what they mean.
10. Tame. The past tense and past participle of mean.