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1. Let fall. To one side.
2. Abbreviation for electronic . Abbreviation for number. The base of the decimal numeral system. The symbol for the chemical element vanadium.
3. Preposition: expressing location or arrival in a particular place or position. Move a door or window so as to leave a space allowing access and vision. The symbol for helium.
4. A metric unit of volume that is a thousand cubic centimetres. Move a spoon or other implement round in a liquid or other substance in order to mix it thoroughly.
5. A person whose job is to find out secret information about another country or organization. A region or part of a town, a country, or the world.
6. Not frequently used or experienced. A title used before the name or names of a married woman.
7. The type and range of food that you regularly eat. Having or being a slope or gradient approaching the perpendicular.
8. Preposition used to refer to the function or character that someone or something has. Unpunctual. To perform or complete a deed or action.
9. Temperature. An amount of money that you have to pay to the government so that it can pay for public services. The first person singular of the present tense of be. Me.
10. Appeared, emerged. Give or hand over something in exchange for money.

1. Agreements. Information that can be stored and used by a computer program.
2. The eighteenth letter of the English alphabet. A small piece or part fitted to the end of an object. Information systems. The symbol for roentgen.
3. Physically in contact with and supported by a surface. The outer part of a wheel. Until.
4. Of a low or inferior standard or quality. A book of maps or charts.
5. A sweet, juicy fruit which is narrow near its stalk, and wider and rounded at the bottom. A tool that has a heavy iron or steel blade at the end of a long wooden handle, used for cutting wood.
6. Fed. Cease work or movement in order to relax, sleep, or recover strength.
7. A feeling that something is the case. Multiple infusions of a particular type.
8. Into something. Domesticated. Pronoun used to refer to the person speaking or writing.
9. The fourth letter of the alphabet. An informal word for hello. A primary color in the RGB color model. Large (as a clothes size).
10. In any case. Diminish or destroy the value or quality of.