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1. Yesterday. Nippon.
2. Let someone have or do something. An alcoholic beverage made from fermented grapes.
3. The cardinal number between one and three. A space allocated for a specific use. In music, it is the sixth note in the scale of C major.
4. Wake from sleep. A fruit consisting of a hard or tough shell around an edible kernel.
5. The possessive form of I. An object such as a gun, a knife, or a missile, which is used to kill or hurt people in a fight or a war.
6. The largest of the world's continents. Perform an action. Immune system.
7. Symbol for second. A substance used to change the colour of something. A promise, especially that you will tell the truth in a law court.
8. A long, thin piece of material that is worn under a shirt collar and tied in a knot at the front. A loud, sharp cry of pain, surprise, or delight. The symbol for uranium.
9. Tag, ticket. Seat oneself.
10. A state formally cooperating with another for a military or other purpose. The lower extremity of the leg below the ankle, on which a person stands or walks.

1. To touch someone or something gently and usually repeatedly with the hand flat. A tall pole on a boat or ship that supports its sails. In music, it is the sixth note in the scale of C major.
2. On all occasions. Not in good health.
3. Moving or going forward with little speed. Representing an abstract or hypothetical optimum.
4. Preposition: 'as far as'. To or at a distance from a particular place, person, or thing. Preposition used to show the person or thing that does something.
5. Emerge or cause to emerge from sleep. Each of a pair of globular organs of sight.
6. Joule. To look at words or symbols and understand what they mean. Sprite, goblin.
7. Wonder, admiration. A small area of still water, typically one formed naturally. Used to mean zero.
8. A large musical instrument with a row of black and white keys that are pressed to play notes. In addition.
9. The indefinite article used before an initial vowel sound. The number one. Internet top-level domain for Italy.
10. Tidy and smart. Move or be able to be moved so as to block an opening.