Pasatiempos electrónicos y juegos gratuitos online que ejercitan la mente.


Very cold, frigid

Filmy, gauzy
Recognized, familiar

An exclamation
A preposition

The act of speaking


Canvas holder
One more than nine
Cut into pieces

The symbol for astatine
Country, nation

Shaft, dart
Frail, feeble

Act of evil

Expand, bulge
Interior, inside

Frozen water
Discern visually

To get out of bed
Of a smaller number
Creep, grovel

Chair, place
Go, walk
Trifling, trivial
Towards the shore

Organ of sight
A pronoun



Rich, productive
A preposition

How to play

  • To enter letters choose a square by clicking on it.
  • Only one letter per square is allowed.
  • Once a letter is entered, the cursor will jump to the next square for your convenience. If across word is selected, the next square will be the one to the right. If down word is selected, the next square will be the one below.
  • Clicking again on the selected cell changes the writing direction (across or down), provided it is a cell where two words intersect.
  • If you click on a cell in which only one orientation (across or down) is possible, the writing direction is automatically changed to the corresponding orientation.
  • You can use the arrow keys to move inside the crossword grid.
  • You can use the CHECK button to see if the squares have the correct letter. Incorrect letters will temporarily appear in red.
  • Click on the CLEAR button to delete the letters in all the boxes automatically.

Save Crossword Puzzle

A cookie is used to store the status of the crossword puzzle. This means that your browser is responsible for storing the information for later recovery. This implies that no registration with username and password is necessary and there is no type of personal data management.

The cookie in question will have the name "enAd" plus the number of the crossword puzzle. For example: "enAd15", "enAd30", "enAd44", etc ...

The duration of the cookie is 15 days. After that time, the browser automatically deletes it, unless the crossword is saved again, in which case 15 days are counted again from the date of saving.

It is necessary that you have the use of cookies enabled. By clicking on the "Save" button you confirm that you give your permission to the website for its use with the aforementioned purpose.